Mbappe: Real Madrid is like my home

French striker Kylian Mbappe, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, spoke about his link to moving to Real Madrid last summer.

Mbappe said, in comments highlighted by the Spanish newspaper “Marca”: “You never know what will happen… I’ve never been to Real Madrid before, but it looks like my home or something.”

He added, “I never imagined that I would talk to the president about my future and my career, so it’s crazy. It’s really crazy. Macron said to me ‘I want you to stay… I don’t want you to leave now. You are very important to this country’.”

And he added: “Macron told me that you have time to leave, you can stay a little longer with Paris, and I said (of course) .. When the president tells you that, it is important.”

On rumors that Mbappe is choosing the coach and the list of players after his contract renewal, Killian commented: “This is not my job. I don’t want to do that because I’m not good at it. I’m good on the field.. It’s not my role. There are a lot of people better than me.” in this matter.”

Mbappe denied that he chose to stay in Paris because of the money, saying: “Wherever I went I would get the money.”