Haaland: Real Madrid cannot be rejected

Erling Haaland, the Manchester City striker, spoke about his association with the move to Real Madrid, during the last summer Mercato.

Halland moved from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City for 75 million euros, the value of the penalty clause in his contract with the German club.

During a documentary, Haaland was asked: “How can you say no to a legendary club like Real Madrid?”

After a few seconds of silence and a smile, Haaland replied, “Good question, you can’t do that.”

At that moment, Haaland’s father said: “We have a standard that we have in mind… who needs a striker? So Manchester City got 10/10… it is the ideal option.”

Halland’s father added: “Real Madrid scored 5 or 6 degrees in terms of its need for a striker, because of what Karim Benzema is offering now… and the possibility of contracting with Mbappe.”

He concluded: “Haaland’s decision to move to the club he needed was necessary from the first minute. In Madrid they had Benzema and doubts about Mbappe, and on the other hand, Manchester City met all the conditions.”