Perez praises the Real Madrid player: “It seems you’ve been here for 10 years”

The president wanted to congratulate the brand new signing for his spectacular match in his first performance at the Santiago Bernabéu

Aurélien Tchouaméni arrived at Real Madrid with the task of giving Casemiro a break. The transfer market took a script twist and the Brazilian ended up leaving the club. This has forced the Frenchman to take a step forward, which he has assumed perfectly. His match against Betis was excellent and Florentino wanted to put it on record.

Tchouaméni was the best player in the match between Real Madrid and Real Betis. The Frenchman has imposed his physical power and has allowed Ancelotti’s team to settle in the Verdiblanco field.

In addition, the Frenchman has shown a taste for the ball that Casemiro did not have on many occasions, being one of the most complete defensive midfielders in the world.

Against Betis he has stolen, passed with great success, has given continuity to the game and has allowed to install pressure in the opposite field. The Bernabéu has surrendered to him, Casillas as a commentator has also done so and as Central Defense has learned, Florentino has also done so.

The president ended up being particularly happy with the Frenchman’s match and received countless congratulations on the box for hiring him. A signing that once again shows the nose of the president.

But this was not all, Florentino Pérez went down to the locker room and told him in perfect French: “it seems that you have been here for 10 years”. Words that have filled Tchouaméni with pride and that he wanted to thank the president.

source: defensacentral