A positive decision from Mbappe in the crisis of Pogba and his brother

The PSG striker wanted to clarify if Paul, as his brother Mathias claims, hired a sorcerer for years to cast an evil eye on him

Kylian Mbappé, in the midst of the scandal between the brothers Paul and Mathias Pogba, called both after the accusations of Mathias, who had claimed that Paul hired a sorcerer to cast an evil eye on Mbappé.

According to the media M6 and RTL, the PSG striker wanted to know the version of both on this murky matter that has convulsed French football this week and that could affect the French team, current world champion, less than three months to go. the World Cup in Qatar.

According to Mathias, 32, his little brother Paul would have hired a sorcerer for years to cast an evil eye on his French teammate Mbappé. In his network videos, Mathias claimed to have proof of this without showing it yet.

Paul Pogba denies it before the investigators

For his part, Paul Pogba has denied it to French investigators, who are on the trail of an extortion of the world champion in which his brother Mathias would also participate.

People from Paul’s inner circle would have demanded 13 million euros, three of them for immediate delivery, during a lock-up in an apartment with several armed men that allegedly occurred last March.

The midfielder would have delivered 100,000 euros and signed a document in which he promised to pay the rest.

source: mundodeportivo