After signing with a new striker, Ancelotti will move Benzema to the “10” position.

The absence of signings in the offensive section of the first team will lead Carlo Ancelotti to think of Iker Bravo as something more than a simple possibility for Real Madrid in the coming months. The Italian, convinced of his conditions, has a detailed plan in case Raúl’s new pupil has to share an attack with Karim Benzema.

Carlo Ancelotti has a plan in mind and although he will only resort to it in a certain scenario, the reality is that Real Madrid’s Italian coach is beginning to analyze where and how Iker Bravo could fit into his plans. Karim Benzema has the key to an equation where the future Ballon d’Or would become ’10’.

While the Whites’ fans wait for that photo on the official Real Madrid website to confirm his arrival from Bayer Leverkusen on loan for 12 months, Iker Bravo is slowly entering the dynamics of a team where not only Raúl González has plans for the 17-year-old striker. Carlo speculates on a possibility that he shouldn’t involve us in a few months.

The fact that Mariano Díaz has been left as the only replacement for Karim Benzema in the first team is a golden opportunity for La Fábrica, as well as for Iker Bravo who will seek to convince Carlo Ancelotti of his conditions from day one. The Italian, who attended the Valdebebas facilities during Castilla’s draw against Linense, knows that facing such a special season and where the World Cup in Qatar will mark a before and after in the calendar, the youngest will have more opportunities than ever for the Bernabéu.

KB10, at the service of Iker Bravo

We are not saying that it will happen from the first day, more so if it is an alternative in the head of the coach of the four Champions Leagues. In the event that it is necessary to resort to both protagonists due to a plague of injuries or the need to find a goal that adds up to three points, Ancelotti has no doubts about the role that both Bravo and Benzema will play in the same eleven.

To speak of Iker is to speak of a pure ‘9’, with a great back game and a physical wonder ready to receive crosses from every corner of the area. Karim of course also handles these records, but Carletto’s plans include the possibility of placing the Frenchman as a midfielder who pulls the strings for Madrid so that Castilla’s brand new signing only has to deal with pushing everything into the net. come to your area.

Karim Benzema as ’10’ and Iker Bravo as ‘9’, the latest idea that is going through Carlo Ancelotti’s head in that scenario where Real Madrid needs two of its battering rams to win on the pitch. A society full of punch and talent can begin to form in Valdebebas sooner rather than later.

source: defensacentral