A few hours separate Real Madrid from accomplishing an impossible mission

Real Madrid, its leaders, are not at all clear about the possible departure of those players who have been told for a long time by the offices that it is best that they seek, listen and accept any of the proposals they may receive. Time is running out and Mariano, Asensio and Odriozola cling, making use of their right, to continue in the white club and look for that opportunity that they hope to have.

Last minute rumors appear, but in many cases without a solid basis. The three make use of the contract and as such the club will respect their decision. They know that they are not going to have an easy time playing. There is a room such as Hazard who would have found all the possible facilities to leave, but one day after closing he has not used them. As it is. And the prospect of him, with the World Cup looming on the horizon, is not at all rosy.

The feeling they have for Valdebebas is that everyone is going to continue. In fact, the calls from clubs asking about the situation of the players have been minimal. Except for a last-minute unexpected twist, no exit is expected. On this occasion they have been more direct than ever in the message, but leaving Real Madrid costs a lot. Logical.

similar situations

Those who rule the white club give as an example of what happened with Bale, Isco and Marcelo, their uncomfortable situation experienced throughout the season and the step back taken in their sporting present. A year without hardly playing has been the passport to travel to Los Angeles for the Welshman, signing for Sevilla but greatly reducing the amount of the contract in the case of the man from Malaga and in Marcelo’s case, finding himself without a team one day after the market closes .

The message received by three of them (Odriozola was injured) in the match against Espanyol was forceful. Zero minutes with the game tied until minute 86. Mariano, Asensio and Hazard were not used at any time by Ancelotti despite the fact that the result of the game was not on track until added time. Little mattered their condition as forwards. The transcript was blunt, at least until market close. Another very different thing will be at the moment in which the transfer cannot be made effective, that is, on Friday at 00:01.

Not one euro for the transfer

They are all independent cases. They have little to do. Each with their circumstances. The most repeated case over time is that of Mariano. In recent seasons, the leaders of Real Madrid have tried to make him see that they did not count on him, but the striker has mattered to him rather little. On this occasion they have gone a step further and have not claimed, at any time in the market, to receive any amount of money for their transfer. At the beginning of the transfer period, he showed some sign of intending to leave, but reality says that the definitive push has not come from anywhere, despite knowing that he is hardly going to play and that Real Madrid does not ask for a euro for the transfer of him.

waiting for his moment

It has been said about Odriozola that Real Sociedad was in Madrid negotiating the return of the winger, but no one called the Valdebebas offices on behalf of the San Sebastian team. Fiorentina and Nottingham did in their day. The side maintains that sooner or later his time will come. It is not the first time that he has found himself in a similar situation. With Zidane in the 2021 winter market he was one step away from leaving and in the end he ended up playing and a lot.

Asensio’s case responds to a club strategy. They decided not to submit a contract renewal offer that ends on June 30, 2023 and from then on they believed that the best thing was for him to find a place in another team. Being that of the team’s third top scorer last season was not a sufficient argument to ensure his continuity.

Interest from top-tier teams

The meetings have taken place in the last few hours. Last week Asensio knocked on the club’s doors and they sent him the same message again. The striker continues to believe in his possibilities and although he has had some doubts in recent hours, he maintains that he can put up a fight and turn the situation around. Top-level teams have asked, but his decision goes beyond ending the contract and having freedom in his choice. He believes that he can continue to be important at Real Madrid.

Hazard showed a willingness to change. And so it has been, but his problem is that right now he has four or five players ahead of him. The metamorphosis has not been so great as to make Ancelotti doubt. The doors have been open, but he has decided to close them.

source: marca