Carlo Ancelotti: “Toni Kroos didn’t tell me he didn’t like to play with Casemiro, he told me someone else”

Coach and footballer spoke this morning in Valdebebas before the last training session in preparation for the match against Celta

All eyes are directed at Casemiro’s departure, and Carlo Ancelotti spoke about it above all at the press conference. He also briefly commented on the match against Celta (Saturday, 10:00 p.m.).

This was Carlo Ancelotti’s press conference

Casemiro’s reasons

These are personal issues. Casemiro has understood very well what Real Madrid is. Something similar happened to me when he was coach of Milan: you are very good, but there comes a time when you want to try something new. And he felt very good in a club that was like a family. It is something personal and I understand it perfectly.

The virtues of Tchouaméni

He is forceful in the air, he has a good foot, he is forceful, he reaches the rival area… It is clear that I am not going to tell him that he plays like Casemiro. We have to try to take advantage of his shot.

Kroos by Casemiro

Kroos hasn’t told me that he doesn’t like playing with Casemiro, he has just told someone else. If he tells me it’s the same.

If the template is still better

If Casemiro leaves, we have six midfielders. With Casemiro we had seven. I think six is ​​enough to handle the entire season. These six are very very good.

Feeling in the locker room

The players understand it. All of Real Madrid has a lot of respect for him. When Casemiro asks to try a new challenge, we have to understand him, we have to accept him with the utmost respect and affection. On a personal level, when you spend so much time with such a kind and professional person, you are not happy, but respect prevails.

What does Madrid lose without Casemiro?

He has combined very well with the most quality media partners. The combination of him with Modric and Kroos has been very important for the success of this period of Real Madrid.

When he found out about Casemiro’s departure

Sometimes I hear and read the rumors, but sometimes you don’t pay attention to what happens. Yesterday I realized that it could happen. Real Madrid’s plans do not change: fight and compete in all competitions. I’m sure we’ll do well with and without Casemiro, everyone recognizing the importance of this player and the love we have for him.

Substitute for Casemiro

The normal thing is that if the negotiation continues, he does not travel to Vigo. We have spare parts in the template. Tchouaméni is one of the best mediums. There is the option of Toni Kroos, as in my second year here. We have Camavinga, who played last year. We cannot replace a player with the characteristics of Casemiro, but we have others; not only can one play with the characteristics of Casemiro. In my teams he has played, for example, Pirlo. Tchouaméni is more like Kroos because he has more defensive characteristics.

If he has tried to convince Casemiro

I have not tried to convince him. I have talked a lot with him, I am very confident with him, he has helped us a lot. Listening to his will and desire there is no way to go back. You have to consider this. I don’t know what will happen in the next few hours, if he stays or doesn’t. If he doesn’t stay, my thanks are great because he has done it and he is doing very well.

Meeting with Casemiro

I spoke with him this morning. He wants to try a new challenge, a new opportunity. The club understands him for what he has done and for the person he is. There are negotiations, nothing is official, but his will to get out of it is clear. If there is an agreement, we have resources to replace it

Feelings after the first day

We have prepared well for tomorrow’s game. It is different from Almería, Celta has more resources and it is difficult to play there. Last year was key to winning the League. It arrives soon, but it will be an important match. We hope to continue in the good dynamics that we have.

12:15. The team trains… with Casemiro

Real Madrid is training with Celta in mind. Casemiro is in the session, although his participation in Vigo is practically ruled out; Rodrygo, Odriozola and Kroos were not seen with the group, casualties.

source: marca