In the names .. Ancelotti makes an explicit threat to 4 players, “Leave or freeze”

Carlo Ancelotti confessed that he would make more changes than last season with the World Cup in the middle of the calendar. A course that will be atypical and that will demand more from internationals.

Real Madrid will have a large representation in Qatar with more than half of the squad. The Italian is fulfilling the plan that he has begun to deploy in the first two games of the season, in which he has used 19 players, leaving five without minutes: Lunin, Asensio, Odriozola, Mariano and Vallejo.

The white coach has made two different elevens. He made five changes against Almería compared to the one he played in and won the European Super Cup against Eintracht, although one was forced by Carvajal’s (Lucas Vázquez) injury.


Of the 24 players that make up the squad, there are four to whom he has already sent the message that either the situation improves a lot or they will be extras unless they leave before September 1.

The fifth would be Lunin, but the Ukrainian has assumed that he will once again be the shadow of Courtois and that he will not play unless unforeseen.


The most striking absence is that of Marco Asensio, no matter how much his future is up in the air, like that of the other three.

His situation is not easy as he went from being the Italian’s first choice to occupy the right wing in three quarters of last year, to occupying a permanent place at the back of the bench.

Unless he protects him so that he doesn’t get injured if he finds a team, the message he is sending is that he is the fourth resource for the attack behind Valverde, Rodrygo and Hazard.

Odriozola has also been a big disappointment. He believed that he was returning from Fiorentina to take over from Carvajal, but the facts are showing him that Lucas Vázquez, Nacho, Rudiger and Militao, and even Valverde send him to the back of the closet.

Mariano has neither counted nor counted, although his advantage is being the only born ‘9’ that the team has in the face of the club’s inaction to strengthen the position and more after letting Jovic go free.

Vallejo is Ancelotti’s last resort for defense, but his positive attitude and his professionalism satisfy the Italian, that every time he has used him he has responded well.

source: sport