Cristiano Ronaldo explodes on Instagram

Cristiano: “They will know the truth when I give an interview in a few weeks”

The Portuguese broke his silence on Instagram by answering a user

Through his Instagram profile, Cristiano Ronaldo replied to a user and exploded at the rumors about his future that place him out of Manchester United, attacking the media that have given news about where he will play this season.

“They will know the truth when I give an interview a few weeks from now. The media is telling lies. I have a notebook and in the last months of the 100 news items that I have written down, only five were correct. Imagine how things are. Keep that advice,” said CR7.

In the last few hours, the ‘BBC’ pointed out that Manchester United could now let Cristiano Ronaldo go after the team’s bad start, with two defeats in two Premier League games that have left them as bottom team. The bad atmosphere in the locker room and the Portuguese’s desire to leave the club to play in the Champions League, isolating himself from his teammates, would be key in this decision according to the English medium.

source: marca