Mbappe regrets his betrayal of Real Madrid

The Parisian player every day has to be more sorry for his betrayal of Real Madrid.

PSG is a time bomb that is very close to exploding, especially since the coexistence between Neymar, Leo Messi and Kylian Mbappé is getting more difficult every day.

The Parisian attacker promised them happiness when he renewed for the French entity, but the reality is that he is experiencing a real calvaro.

Kylian Mbappé signed this summer for three more seasons with PSG, until 2025, with the promise that he would be the team leader and the main ‘sword’ in Christophe Galtier’s attack, something that is far from being reality.

However, in sports, PSG has not done badly at the start of the season, in which it has already won the well-known ‘Champions Trophy’ and is the leader, without encountering much resistance, in Ligue 1, which has been shown once again the poor level of the league competition in France.

One of the great annoyances of the Bondy-born is the exaltation of the figures of Leo Messi and Neymar Jr., in recent weeks, in which the Argentine and the Brazilian have shone, but this is not all.

A video is running like wildfire on social networks that will surely bring a queue inside the Parisian locker room, in which a dissatisfied Mbappé was clearly evidenced.

The first half ended and PSG led 2-0 against Montpellier when Vitinha recovered a ball in defense and shot out for the counterattack, which allowed him to cross the midfield and instead of giving the pass to Kylian Mbappé, he decided to face the side where Neymar Jr. was and then pass Achraf Hakimi.

When the Parisian saw that, he stopped running, angrily walked to the side, making gestures and insulting the midfielder for having made that decision, which has generated all kinds of negative reactions against the French club’s number ‘7’, who Every day he regrets his betrayal of Florentino Pérez and Real Madrid.

source: defensacentral