Ancelotti’s recruitment map for the five players

The Italian will expand his trusted group to 19 players from the 16 he used regularly last season

Rudiger, Tchouameni and the ‘new’ Hazard would enter that plan along with the substitutes who played more than 35 games as starters
Carlo Ancelotti plans to extend the rotations and distribute more minutes compared to last season.

The Italian based the team on a group of 16 players that this season could be expanded to 19 with the signings of Rudiger, Tchouameni and the possibility of seeing the ‘new’ Hazard.

These would be added to the substitutes who played more than 35 games as starters last year. A group made up of Nacho, Rodrygo, Asensio, Camavinga, Lucas Vázquez and Valverde.

Those would be the initial intentions of the Italian, who would rule out four players that he would use in case of maximum need, such as Mariano, Vallejo, Lunin and Odriozola.

The other 19 would be the ones he would use regularly with an eleven type, the one that won the Champions League and the European Super Cup, in which Rudiger would enter for Mendy and Valverde would continue on the right wing, the only position that did not have an owner last year in the struggle between the Uruguayan and Rodrygo and Asensio.


Everything may depend on someone not performing when he resorts to them, either as a starter or when he replaces a teammate in the development of matches.

Ancelotti wants to have everyone connected in a season that will be long and hard, with five competitions and a World Cup that will take more than half the squad.

A challenge that he will have to feed in addition to good words with deeds, although some will have to overcome their misgivings, such as the cases of Asensio and Hazard, two players who could be starters in the best continental squads.

Ancelotti is aware that he will have to give more breaks to the oldest starters who are over thirty and who will double their participation with their national teams.

Modric (37 years old), Benzema (he will turn 35 in December), or the thirtysomethings Alaba, Carvajal or Casemiro, key players whose work requires a lot of wear and tear.

Other World Cup players will be Courtois, Militao, Rudiger, Valverde and Vinicius who will also need a break. That is why Ancelotti needs to widen the range of possibilities to try to dose his starters and introduce substitute theorists who will have the opportunity to break through such as Camavinga, Tchouameni, Hazard, Rodrygo or Asensio, who will probably also be in Qatar. Kroos, Lucas Vázquez, Nacho and Mendy would complete the group.

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