The confession of a Real Madrid legend about Cristiano that Real Madrid fans will not like

‘Guti’ is for many madridistas a legend of the white club. Famous not only for his quality on the field, but also for his eccentricities off it, the man from Madrid takes advantage of his retirement to appear from time to time on different football and debate programs to talk about what he loves most, about Real Madrid and his current issues. In words for ‘Telemundo Deportes’, the former Real Madrid player is not opposed to the idea that Cristiano Ronaldo, in search of a new team, wore the Atlético de Madrid shirt.

The name of Cristiano Ronaldo never stops occupying covers. Despite his age, 37, the Portuguese striker always shows off his notoriety within the world of football, practically everything that happens around the Portuguese star being news. The one who was a Real Madrid player for nine seasons, he left the white club in the summer of 2018 to start a new stage at Juventus in Turin. After two years in Italy, he headed back to Manchester, to wear the United shirt again, a team that made him jump to world fame.

Now, a year later, the Portuguese is very unhappy with his situation in the team coached by Erik Ten Hag. The one from Madeira opposed at the beginning of the summer to continue playing one more year in a team that did not play in the Champions League, and he informed the leadership of his current team that they let him out. The answer was clear: no. From the British club they are constantly closing the exit door for him, after many rumors that have placed him during these market weeks in many different destinations. The club’s intention is for Cristiano to stay, and now they are trying to convince him, but the international striker with Portugal seems to be clear that he wants to get out of it. This news, as we say, is occupying many covers and statements from some of his colleagues in the past. The last to pronounce on the matter has been Guti. The Real Madrid legend has made some statements to ‘Telemundo Deportes’, in which he states that “he wouldn’t mind seeing Cristiano dressed in red and white”. Asked more about it, he pointed out:

“Yes, why not (about whether he would like Ronaldo to come to Atlético this summer). I think that in the end everyone looks for his path and looks for the best for him and his family.”

These statements, which are short, already say a lot about the Portuguese’s former teammate during the 2009/10 season, the first for the Portuguese in Madrid and the last for the Spanish midfielder in the team. Guti, a person much loved by all of Real Madrid for his authenticity and his proclaimed love for the club, has always stood out for being a very clear and direct person when speaking, but this time perhaps he can be turned against him. The ‘fans’ of Real Madrid love Cristiano Ronaldo for what he symbolized and did for the club during his nine years in the team chaired by Florentino Pérez, and Atlético de Madrid has always been the great derby in the Spanish capital, with a ‘animosity’ from one to the other.

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