Mbappe a taboo subject in the Real Madrid locker room: definitely not to name him

The ‘Mbappé case’ is more than forgotten in the white entity

The frustrated transfer of Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid has been forgotten and in the white club it has become a taboo subject. The name of the French striker is not heard in the squad itself or in the offices themselves.

Real Madrid is about to officially start its season and there is no trace of how it started this summer. The figure of Kylian Mbappé has completely disappeared both in Real Madrid and in Valdebebas.

Since the whole ‘Mbappé case’ happened, no one has spoken to him or about him again. Beyond the coincidence in the French team in the case of Benzema or Tchouaméni, no one from the white entity has mentioned it again in the locker room.

From being the most acclaimed to becoming the ‘unmentionable’, a player who is already a taboo and a closed chapter for Real Madrid. Today, Mbappé is considered past and there is no other choice but to continue rowing with all the quality that exists in the capital.

In about two or three years, the flame can be rekindled and his name will once again be on everyone’s lips. The Parisian striker wanted to continue his path at PSG and time will end up showing us if he was the right one or not.

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In the Valdebebas offices they are more than satisfied with the summer market, regardless of the disappointment with Mbappé. All memory has been eliminated and they are focused on everything they will be able to give next season.

The only two signings that have taken place in the capital were those necessary to close a whole dream team. In the absence of Kylian, Real Madrid considers that it is not necessary to incorporate any more players and trust the forwards who led them to glory last season.

This Wednesday will begin an atypical season in Valdebebas and that can lead to the consolidation of a historic squad. The expectations are very high and they are capable of winning all the titles this season.

source: defensacentral