Bayern teaches Ancelotti how to hurt Eintracht: he took good note

The Italian coach was very attentive to the Teutons’ debut in the Bundesliga, ahead of the European Super Cup match.

The Madrid club worked this Saturday, with their minds set on Eintracht Frankfurt, the Merengues’ rival in the European Super Cup, who did not start the Bundesliga well at all.

The last UEFA Europa League champion started the season in Germany in the worst way, losing 1-6 with Bayern Munich, despite playing at home in his stadium.

The coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, was very attentive to Eintracht Frankfurt’s debut in the German competition, in which he was able to observe the strengths and weaknesses of a team that will arrive at the match on August 10 much more rounded, in what physical and football.

Ancelotti, together with Davide, drew important conclusions from the victory of those led by Julian Nagelsmann, who exploited the shortcomings of Oliver Glasner’s men.

Eintracht Frankfurt’s set-piece weakness was one of the things that most caught the attention of the merengue coaching staff, but above all, the inferiority in midfield, which could make the figure of Fede Valverde more key.

“You have to take into account those who won the Champions League… It’s really a continuation of last season, we really want to close it with this title,” Carlo Ancelotti recently said, after the match against Mexico’s América, making his intention clear to line up in the Helsink Olympic stadium those who defeated Liverpool.

This would make Real Madrid bet on a midfield with Casemiro, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Fede Valverde, who would create a significant superiority against the German midfield.

In addition, the presence of the Charrúa would allow the Madrid entity to match Eintracht Frankfurt in intensity, one of the great strengths that the Teutons showed in the last Europa League, something that Barcelona and all Barça fans know very well.

source: defensacentral